Apr. 24th, 2014

Untying the Connections Between Stress &...

While no one desires a stress-filled life, many people find they are unable to eradicate or reduce stress from their work, home or inner self. With research suggesting a close link between stress and both the onset and spread of cancer of cells in the body, combating stress won’t just help you enjoy the time

Written By Haylee Meyers
Apr. 18th, 2014

Lemon Chamomile Ice Pops in 3 Easy Steps

When you’re sick, you just want something that will make you feel better. What could be more soothing than a sweet and delicious frozen pop? These little pops are so tasty, you and your loved ones will be happy to eat them even after you’re back in top-top shape.

Written By Haylee Meyers
Apr. 16th, 2014

Exercise & Tea: How They Unite For Optim...

Exercise is an easy way to gain a leg up on cancer, and when you add in some teas that further the positive benefits of your exercise regimen, it will be as if you’ve gotten twice the workout.

Written By Haylee Meyers
Apr. 14th, 2014

Tea and the Art of the Detox

While many detox efforts are downright Draconian, they don’t have to be. Simply limiting your intake of chemicals, preservatives and stimulants while incorporating a variety of detoxifying teas will help you achieve a renewed state of purity and balance.

Written By Haylee Meyers
Apr. 9th, 2014

Ward Off Cancer With Vitamin C

Recent studies are also beginning to reveal vitamin C’s promising roles in cancer prevention and treatment. From its ability to lower cancer risks to the boost it gives chemotherapy drugs, vitamin C is shaping up to be a reliable warrior in the ongoing effort to defeat cancer.

Written By Haylee Meyers
Apr. 7th, 2014

5 Herbal Teas That Can Help Chemo’s Side Ef...

While its cancer-fighting properties are helpful, the side effects of chemotherapy can make it difficult to endure. The full effects of chemotherapy may not be preventable, but there are some herbal teas that can at least provide some relief.

Written By Haylee Meyers