Jun. 25th, 2014

7 Teas to Better Men’s Health

Making choices that positively impact your body’s well-being is something every man should take seriously, and one of the most beneficial daily practices a man can undertake involves the wonderful and wide world of tea. From decreasing inflammation to supporting fertility, here are seven teas that can give every man’s health a boost.

Written By Dina McQueen
Jun. 20th, 2014

Oven-Roasted Chicken Wings With Wild Cherry B...

It’s hard to find a satisfying recipe that will stick to your ribs without weighing your body down. In a world of burgers and fries, how can you find the balance between hearty and healthy? Here’s the secret: It’s not what you eat but how it’s prepared. The recipe here is no exception. These finger-licking

Written By Dina McQueen
Jun. 12th, 2014

How Having Children Improves Men’s Health

When a man becomes a father, he undergoes a surprising amount of changes. While those changes are quite dissimilar from the ones experienced by the mother of his child, they are still substantial, measurable and at times, disruptive. From radical changes in how he spends his time and money to the very hormones rushing through

Written By Dina McQueen
Jun. 11th, 2014

Interpreting Your Health Through Your Fingern...

Do you often take time to examine the state of your nails? Next time you’re looking them over, look a little closer. In this article, we’ll show you the many ways you can easily understand the state of your health by simply giving your nails a quick once-over.

Written By Dina McQueen
Jun. 3rd, 2014

Yes, He-Men Drink Tea!

Despite what you might expect, he-men, alpha men and all kinds of men do drink tea. They drink it simply because they understand the value of taste and the health benefits in the brew. In today’s post, we’ll cover why tea drinking is a lot manlier than you’d think.

Written By Dina McQueen
Jun. 2nd, 2014

Say Hello to Summer With a Salute to Men’s ...

Summer is finally here! The local park has filled the pool. Enterprising youngsters are erecting sticky and poorly made lemonade stands. Neighborhoods across the country resound with the charm of lawnmowers, softball games and late-night hide-and-seek. Whether your summer plans are busy or calm, the warm weather and extended daylight are no doubt a welcome

Written By Dina McQueen