Mar. 25th, 2015

Steep History: Sencha Tea

Steeping tea can seem downright boring, especially when you’re anxious for your next glass. Today, however, we would like to present a new waiting option, and a new series to our blog: Steep History! This new series will offer you a crash course in the history of fabulous teas in just the time it takes to steep a cup. Today’s topic is, of course, Sencha green tea.

Written By Joe Clark
Mar. 17th, 2015

6 Uses For Used Tea Bags

The Earth has a finite amount of resources, and conserving and renewing resources proves both useful and necessary. So how can tea drinkers do their part to reuse and conserve resources? We’ve compiled a list of ways to get the most out of your tea bags, recycling and enjoying all that they have to offer.

Written By Joe Clark