Jun. 26th, 2015

A Look Into Turmeric Ginger Tea’s Health Be...

Our featured tea today is made up of not one ingredient, but two: Turmeric and Ginger. Both spices have a strong following in the holistic world due to their own unique benefits. When combined together into a single tasty brew, they become a powerful force for overall health. Take a closer look and learn how this rich golden tea can help to promote a better quality of life for you.

Written By Haylee Meyers
Jun. 18th, 2015

An Explanation of Chakras: Part 2

Visitors to our website may have noticed our line of chakra teas, signature blends that capture the essence of each chakra individually. Even if you’re familiar with the chakras, you may be confused about how herbal teas could affect them. In this post, we’ll take you through our chakra tea line and help you to understand how they can impact your health and your life.

Written By Joe Clark
Jun. 16th, 2015

An Explanation of Chakras

If you’ve searched our website, you may have come across our line of chakra teas. Featuring exquisite blends of our finest herbs infused with the essence of precious gems and crystals, each of the teas targets one of the body’s seven chakras. But what exactly are the chakras? In this first part of a two part series, we will look at the chakras and how they work within the body.

Written By Joe Clark
Jun. 12th, 2015

Steep Through the Summer With Iced Teas!

June is officially Iced Tea Month, which is why we’ll be kicking off our summer collection of iced teas here. All summer, we’ll be debuting fabulous iced tea recipes to tantalize your taste buds. Check back regularly to see what delicious treats we have in store for you!

Written By Haylee Meyers
Jun. 10th, 2015

Steep History: The Origins of Licorice

From medicines to fire retardant, licorice has found popularity thanks to its natural ability to support the respiratory support as well as digestion. For this session of our ongoing “Steep History” series, we delve into the past of this miraculous root.

Written By Joe Clark
Jun. 5th, 2015

Drink in the Health Benefits of Organic Hibis...

Today’s post takes a deeper look at one of our fresh teas, exploring its features for positive qualities you may not have known about before. Featuring hibiscus tea, a tangy red brew favored by tea lovers and casual fans alike. See what makes this flavorful tea so special as we delve into the fascinating hibiscus flower tea benefits!

Written By Haylee Meyers
Jun. 1st, 2015

Teas Around the World: The Japanese Tea Cerem...

The Japanese tea ceremony has passed through generations of families and friends, uniting beauty and precision in a meticulous ritual based around matcha green tea. What follows is a brief history of the ceremony, as well as how it is conducted.

Written By Joe Clark