Jul. 21st, 2015

Reishi Mushroom Tea for Your Health

Also known by its Chinese name, Lingzhi, this large mushroom is unlike any other mushroom you may be familiar with. Behind its strange nature, however, is a compelling collection of health benefits. Whether you find it fascinating or strange, this exotic mushroom has much to offer.

Written By Haylee Meyers
Jul. 15th, 2015

3 Delicious Herbal Iced Tea Recipes

We’re here again with delicious herbal iced tea recipes! You can use fresh herbs if you have access to them, but if not, we have these herbs available in convenient tea bags, so you just can’t lose! Read on to see how these iced teas can add a fun and healthy dynamic to your summer.

Written By Haylee Meyers
Jul. 13th, 2015

Five Tea Traditions of Africa

It’s often said that tea is the world’s second-most popular drink, coming in just behind water. Naturally, as a global mainstay, it is hardly surprising that almost every country or region claims its own tea traditions reflecting its unique tea culture. Today, we’ll dive into such a culture as we explore these five African tea traditions.

Written By Haylee Meyers
Jul. 7th, 2015

Steep History: Oolong Tea

Unless you are a tea connoisseur with many years’ experience, chances are you’ve never heard of oolong, or you know it as “the tea with the funny name”. Those who’ve experienced it, however, know that this tea offers a unique appeal that marks it as a respectable tea in its own right.We’re taking a few minutes to examine oolong’s remarkable qualities and how it came to be what it is today.

Written By Haylee Meyers