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Haylee Meyers had her first taste of herbal tea two years ago, and since then, her passion for exceptional teas has only continued to grow. Over the last two years, she has written a variety of articles and blog posts on teas, herbs and healthy living. She is passionate about the joy and sense of fulfillment a more natural lifestyle can provide, and loves to share her discoveries on the power of natural living with others.

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New Product: Matcha NOW™

This month, we are officially launching a product over a year in the making – our very first ready-to-drink tea, Matcha NOW! In today’s post, we’ll give you an overview of what makes Matcha NOW special, the story behind it, and how YOU can get your hands on this delicious drink for yourself!


Steep History: Saffron Tea

Our Steep History articles have often ranged in subject from much-loved teas to more obscure herbal curiosities. Today’s subject is literally one for the ages: saffron, the most prized spice in the world, leading to our sublime tea: Saffron Green Tea. Spanning thousands of years and numerous cultures, the history of saffron could easily fill a  

Buddha Teas Blend Breakdown: Zen Cleanse

Today we’re taking a look at the perfect tea for a fresh summer detox: Zen Cleanse. With eight herbal ingredients at your disposal, the Zen Cleanse blend is a powerful go-to detoxifier. We’ll take you through each blend and the ingredients that make them so beneficial.


Steep History: Gunpowder Green Tea

Many green teas carry intriguing and imaginative names, like “dragon well”, “matcha” and “gyokuro”. There is, however, one green tea that seems to break the mold: Gunpowder. How did this tea get its baffling name, and why does it seem to be popular in spite of that? Steep a cup for yourself and sit down with us as we unravel the mystery of gunpowder tea.


Which is Better: Tea Bags or Loose-Leaf Tea?

The lines have been drawn. You must choose where you stand: Tea bags, or loose-leaf? Today, we’ll take you through the ins and outs of this epic struggle.


5 Unexpected Health Benefits of Dandelion Tea

Want to find out what that ‘pesky garden weed’ is actually worth? Dandelions have been a cornerstone of herbal medicine for centuries, and now modern science is backing this up. Here are the top five unexpected benefits of drinking dandelion tea!


Steep History: Assam Black Tea

Welcome to another edition of our Steep History series! Today’s article takes us through a three-minute history of Assam tea, a tea that’s fun to say and even more fun to drink. Come take a closer look at one of India’s treasures, and see how it came to be.


Matcha Madness: Matcha Mixing Methods

Now you’ve got some matcha of your own, and you’re ready to enjoy it. But how do you do that, exactly? Before you’re tempted to give up, don’t stress! We’ll cover the various matcha mixing methods, from the traditional to the quick and dirty. Read on and see which one suits you best!


Matcha Madness: 5 Traits of Quality Matcha

The truth is that not all matcha is created equal. News to you? Don’t worry – today’s Matcha Madness article boils down the top traits of matcha, and will teach you what to look for and what to avoid.


Matcha Madness: The Health Benefits of Matcha

This time, we’re going to take a more in-depth approach and explore the many health benefits matcha is becoming known for. Is it all hype, or is there really something to this special green tea? Brew up a cup or two now, because we have a lot to cover.


Six Splendid Teas for Sleep

If you’ve been struggling to catch your forty winks, you certainly aren’t alone. Studies have shown that most adults aren’t getting their required amount of sleep each night. Fortunately, nature might provide an answer. These six herbal teas might be just the ticket to help you fall asleep, stay asleep and love every minute of it.


Steep History: Chaga Tea

This unique mushroom has gained much attention in recent years for its astonishing antioxidant levels and its various health benefits for digestion, skin, and cellular protection. However, chaga tea’s history with humankind goes back much, much farther. Get your tea bag steeping and have a quick read!


The Heavenly Health Benefits of Holy Basil Tea

If you enjoy a hearty pasta or a savory pesto, you likely have fond feelings toward the tasty herb called basil. However, if you’ve never heard of its Asian cousin, holy basil, you may be doing yourself a disservice! This sacred Indian herb is revered for its health benefits, and with good reason. Read on to see what holy basil has to offer you!


Steep History: Pu-Erh Tea

Our first Steep History article of the year explores a tea that deserves much more love than it gets in the Western world: Pu-erh, a rich, flavorful tea made of post-fermented tea leaves. Its obscurity is especially unfortunate, since this tea has a lot to offer in terms of taste and history. Come discover what makes pu-erh so special!


The Teas of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Herbs have a long history of medicinal use around the world, and in China, the use of herbs continues to thrive. Naturally, many of these herbs can be taken in the form of herbal teas. We’ll take a quick look at the herbal teas employed by TCM and what they’re used for.


Fermentation Vs. Oxidation

In the tea world, the terms “oxidized” and “fermented” seem to be used interchangeably. In truth, they’re very different things, and mixing them up can really impact your tea experience. In this article, we’ll discuss the difference between the two and which teas fall into what category, which can help you to avoid getting hoodwinked by second-rate tea distributors.


The Bountiful Health Benefits of Elderberry Tea

The rich, luxurious taste of elderberries is excellent for pies, pastries, jams and other lovely desserts. When steeped into a tea, however, these berries become even more valuable. Read on to see what healthy traits this fruity tea has to offer!


Steep History: Yerba Maté

There’s no denying that many South American regions are known for their magnificent coffee varieties, but there is in fact another beverage tradition that is held even higher: yerba maté. If you’ve never heard of it before, then you’re in for a treat. Today’s Steep History article explores the story behind yerba maté and what makes it such a powerful cultural tradition.


Reishi Mushroom Tea for Your Health

Also known by its Chinese name, Lingzhi, this large mushroom is unlike any other mushroom you may be familiar with. Behind its strange nature, however, is a compelling collection of health benefits. Whether you find it fascinating or strange, this exotic mushroom has much to offer.


3 Delicious Herbal Iced Tea Recipes

We’re here again with delicious herbal iced tea recipes! You can use fresh herbs if you have access to them, but if not, we have these herbs available in convenient tea bags, so you just can’t lose! Read on to see how these iced teas can add a fun and healthy dynamic to your summer.


Five Tea Traditions of Africa

It’s often said that tea is the world’s second-most popular drink, coming in just behind water. Naturally, as a global mainstay, it is hardly surprising that almost every country or region claims its own tea traditions reflecting its unique tea culture. Today, we’ll dive into such a culture as we explore these five African tea traditions.


Steep History: Oolong Tea

Unless you are a tea connoisseur with many years’ experience, chances are you’ve never heard of oolong, or you know it as “the tea with the funny name”. Those who’ve experienced it, however, know that this tea offers a unique appeal that marks it as a respectable tea in its own right.We’re taking a few minutes to examine oolong’s remarkable qualities and how it came to be what it is today.


A Look Into Turmeric Ginger Tea’s Health Benefits

Our featured tea today is made up of not one ingredient, but two: Turmeric and Ginger. Both spices have a strong following in the holistic world due to their own unique benefits. When combined together into a single tasty brew, they become a powerful force for overall health. Take a closer look and learn how this rich golden tea can help to promote a better quality of life for you.


Steep Through the Summer With Iced Teas!

June is officially Iced Tea Month, which is why we’ll be kicking off our summer collection of iced teas here. All summer, we’ll be debuting fabulous iced tea recipes to tantalize your taste buds. Check back regularly to see what delicious treats we have in store for you!


Drink in the Health Benefits of Organic Hibiscus Tea

Today’s post takes a deeper look at one of our fresh teas, exploring its features for positive qualities you may not have known about before. Featuring hibiscus tea, a tangy red brew favored by tea lovers and casual fans alike. See what makes this flavorful tea so special as we delve into the fascinating hibiscus flower tea benefits!


Steep History: Earl Grey Tea

This time, our focus is on the classic black tea known as Earl Grey. Crafted of rich black tea leaves and the citrusy delight of bergamot oil, this fanciful tea is a staple in the home of most tea enthusiasts. So where did it come from? Take a sip and step back in time with us to the lavish tea culture of 19th century England to find out.


It’s Not Your Tea, It’s Your Water

While good quality leaves are always important, the quality of your water can elevate a mediocre tea, or completely ruin a good one. We’ll try to shed a little light on what you can do to ensure a truly delicious cup even with the most basic teas.


8 Common Tea Misconceptions

With such a long history, it’s hardly surprising that there is a good amount of misinformation about tea floating around in the mix. While this post can’t hope to address all myths and misconceptions, it will hopefully help to shed a bit of light on a few oft-missed truths.


Six Teas to Fall in Love With

Choosing the perfect Valentine’s gift can be a deeply personal endeavor, but if you’re looking for a way to say “I love you” that is both unique and timeless, why not give tea a try? We’ve selected a sampling of our best just for you, and we’re certain that one of these classy teas is sure to inspire you.


The Less-than-Natural Tea Dilemma

For years, tea drinkers have been touting their favorite beverages as a healthy, natural alternative to the variety of artificial, sugar-laden drinks consumed by the American public. However, the unfortunate truth to come to light in recent years is that not all “natural” teas are created equal. In fact, many may be as far from natural as you can get.


The Surprising Benefits of Meditation

Meditation — the practice of training the mind through intention and attention — is one of the simplest ways to experience increased wellness and personal betterment. Free for anyone to do, meditation requires no specialized equipment, and while you can certainly engage in formal training, even instruction isn’t an absolute necessity. A human practice that


10 Surprising Alternative Uses for Tea

Tea is much more than a refreshing drink. From its important role in cultural ceremonies around the globe to its purported fortune-telling abilities, tea has been used by people in various ingenious and helpful ways. Here are 10 surprising alternative uses for tea and tea bags that might just make your life a little bit easier.


10 Must-Have Tea Accessories

If you love the experience of making tea as much as you love to drink it, then consider stepping into the ever-expanding world of tea accessories. Here are 10 must-have accessories that every devout tea drinker should consider owning.


How to Create Your Own Custom Tea Blends

If you’re a tea lover who also likes to try your hand at cooking, art or crafts, there’s no better way to spend an afternoon than creating your own custom tea blends. We’ll be covering some of the hallmarks of tea blending, as well as some suggestions for choosing your own path.


Around the World With Tea

Around the world, tea is appreciated as an ideal beverage for any occasion. But where did our love of tea begin? In this post, we follow tea on its journey around the globe to find out what makes this the world’s second-most popular beverage.


Got Thirst? Pour a Glass of Iced Tea

In the throes of summer with soaring temperatures and humidity, the urge to quench our thirst is strong. But you can’t trust thirst alone. Experts tell us that by the time you actually feel thirsty, you are already dehydrated! Just how much fluid do you require for optimal health? Let’s quench our need to know


Infographic: Tea Culture In America

Come with us on a journey as we explore the impact tea has had on America and its culture.


7 Teas to Better Men’s Health

Making choices that positively impact your body’s well-being is something every man should take seriously, and one of the most beneficial daily practices a man can undertake involves the wonderful and wide world of tea. From decreasing inflammation to supporting fertility, here are seven teas that can give every man’s health a boost.


Yes, He-Men Drink Tea!

Despite what you might expect, he-men, alpha men and all kinds of men do drink tea. They drink it simply because they understand the value of taste and the health benefits in the brew. In today’s post, we’ll cover why tea drinking is a lot manlier than you’d think.


Say Hello to Summer With a Salute to Men’s Health

Summer is finally here! The local park has filled the pool. Enterprising youngsters are erecting sticky and poorly made lemonade stands. Neighborhoods across the country resound with the charm of lawnmowers, softball games and late-night hide-and-seek. Whether your summer plans are busy or calm, the warm weather and extended daylight are no doubt a welcome


Untying the Connections Between Stress & Cancer

While no one desires a stress-filled life, many people find they are unable to eradicate or reduce stress from their work, home or inner self. With research suggesting a close link between stress and both the onset and spread of cancer of cells in the body, combating stress won’t just help you enjoy the time  

Lemon Chamomile Ice Pops in 3 Easy Steps

When you’re sick, you just want something that will make you feel better. What could be more soothing than a sweet and delicious frozen pop? These little pops are so tasty, you and your loved ones will be happy to eat them even after you’re back in top-top shape.


Exercise & Tea: How They Unite For Optimum Health

Exercise is an easy way to gain a leg up on cancer, and when you add in some teas that further the positive benefits of your exercise regimen, it will be as if you’ve gotten twice the workout.


Tea and the Art of the Detox

While many detox efforts are downright Draconian, they don’t have to be. Simply limiting your intake of chemicals, preservatives and stimulants while incorporating a variety of detoxifying teas will help you achieve a renewed state of purity and balance.


Ward Off Cancer With Vitamin C

Recent studies are also beginning to reveal vitamin C’s promising roles in cancer prevention and treatment. From its ability to lower cancer risks to the boost it gives chemotherapy drugs, vitamin C is shaping up to be a reliable warrior in the ongoing effort to defeat cancer.


5 Herbal Teas That Can Help Chemo’s Side Effects

While its cancer-fighting properties are helpful, the side effects of chemotherapy can make it difficult to endure. The full effects of chemotherapy may not be preventable, but there are some herbal teas that can at least provide some relief.


Cooking With Tea

Even though tea is a natural cooking companion—aromatic with a complex, reliable and sturdy flavor—it has been woefully under-utilized in the home kitchen. Whether it’s black, white, green or herbal, tea can add remarkable tastes, scents and even color to all kinds of food. Find out how in today’s post!


The Allergies Are Coming!

If you’re sick of the cold, but still dreading the warmth, there are a number of excellent natural ways to reduce your allergy symptoms—most of which can be had by drinking a simple cup of herbal tea.


Memory and the Magic of Green Tea

Contrary to what most believe, memory loss doesn’t have to be a natural part of aging. One of the easiest ways to protect against the ravages of memory loss lies in the simple and enjoyable practice of drinking green tea.


Tea and the Common Cold

Is there anything more miserable than dealing with a cold when you have better things to do? Fortunately, you don’t have to be completely at its mercy. The right cup of herbal tea can help you to counter even the most bothersome cold symptoms.