Buddha Teas UK Making Its Mark

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Buddha Teas UK Making its Mark                         

Going forward this year, we’re looking to make these benefits-driven teas as affordable and available as possible. We want everybody who wants to have access to the products the opportunity to be able to buy them.” –Scott Markham, CEO Buddha Teas UK

Although Buddha Teas UK was officially launched May 2017, offering the public about 80 of our total flavours (as they say across the pond!), today, according to Managing Director Scott Markham, Buddha Teas UK is fast becoming a contending tea company in the region. After bringing on another 28 flavours in October 2017, business is booming. Providing its customers with easy, affordable access to single herb teas they can’t seem to get elsewhere has placed Buddha Teas UK in the spotlight, and boy are they shining bright!

“In the last six months, it’s started to really grow a lot,” Scott said, during a recent Skype call.

Social Media & the Rise Of Buddha Teas UK

When asked what he thinks is the reason behind this rapid rise in popularity he confessed that social media has a lot to do with it. Instagram followers seem to be catching on to the power of the plant, so to speak, which likely helped Buddha Teas UK get picked up by the largest fully certified organic supermarket in the UK, Planet Organic, who boasts seven stores in London.

“Planet Organic has given us a lot of visibility,” said Scott. “We’ve had calls from people who want more than the ten flavours currently available on the shelf.”


According to Scott, Buddha Teas UK is gathering up to 100 new customers a month just from the website! “It’s really starting to take traction,” he affirmed, sounding rather surprised himself. “We’re now at the point where we’re requiring more and more inventory. We’re getting a clearer picture of what’s selling here.”

Because the UK is such a huge tea-drinking region, the market is quite saturated with options. In order for a company to draw in customers, there’s a few key details that need to come into play. For Buddha Teas UK, selling single herb teas to the public has provided quite a service. Buddha Teas UK is attracting a more health conscious, spiritually focused clientele than perhaps traditional tea companies. And for this reason, in addition to the attractive packaging, the Buddha Teas UK brand is starting to really take off.

A Little UK Tea & Herbology History

For hundreds of years, herbs have been considered medicine in the UK. This means that for generations, people in the UK have understood the power of plants to heal, that certain herbs work for certain ailments in the body.

“One of the major differences between the UK and the U.S.,” explained Scott, “is that herbal medicine and remedies are acknowledged in the UK. Therefore, there are government bodies controlling herbs and herbal medicines.”

For UK residents, this is good news and bad news. Good news is that Buddha Teas UK now provides consumers with the opportunity to get their herb on without needing to take a pill. Bad news is that some of the most popular Buddha Teas blends cannot currently be sold in the UK, due to restrictive legislation.

Why Buddha Teas UK Consumers Love their Herbal Tea

Supplementing the more traditional ways of taking herbs, Scott explained, consumers now have a further option receive in the benefits of any number of single pure herbs by infusing an herb-filled bag in hot water.

“That’s why the range is getting so much traction; because they know these herbs work,” he said.

Additionally, the bleach-free bags that are heat sealed instead of sealed with glue or staples, contribute to the products’ overall attractiveness. Add the use of recycled and recyclable materials, plus the company’s philanthropic reaches, and it is clear that Buddha Teas is making its mark as one of the leading sustainably-conscious tea companies on the planet.

The Future of Buddha Teas UK

Naturally, an important goal for Buddha Teas UK is to get the products into more stores, making our teas easier to find, as well as making them more affordable. Also high on Scott’s 2018 priority list, however, is to bring the Buddha Teas’ CBD line to the UK.  Again, due to differing regulations in the EU and the UK compared with the U.S., work is being done to ensure we can provide these products in alignment with the current local requirements.

The success of this method is undeniable. John insists, as do Chakra Tea devotees, that, “When you drink the teas, and close your eyes, you can really feel it.” It’s all about intention. As any authentic healer will tell you, positive results of any goal arrive more wholly, with more effectiveness, when intention is part of one’s process.

As the Buddha Teas Chakra Tea line has proven incredibly successful in the U.S. as well as with UK customers, John confirms that he has no plans to alter the current selection, except perhaps a minor taste tweak here and there.

“Our customers seem to gravitate toward their favorite blend. We’ve noticed repeat purchases for a particular tea.”

Additionally, however, Scott intends to reformulate some of the other very popular U.S. blends in order for them to be sellable in the UK. One other important goal is to be able to bring on board all seven of the Chakra Blend teas, as currently just four are available on the UK shelves.

As laws change, and as alternatives to allopathic medicine becomes increasingly demanded by the public, Buddha Teas worldwide promises to bring its thirsty consumers high quality, affordable options. Stay tuned; we’re sure to bring you more good news soon!