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Let’s just make sure you understand: Buddha Teas founder U.K. born John Boyd is no woo woo, hippy-dippy, beach bum surfer dude. Yes, he may live and work in coastal San Diego county these days, but let’s be clear: he’s still a Brit … for the most part.

Back when Buddha Teas was in its infancy, and John was a relative newbie to Southern California, he did what many a curious foreigners are drawn to explore when first entering the (sometimes) tragically misrepresented culture of sand, sea, and surf: he visited a “New Age” shop in Laguna Beach to, ehem, partake in a past life regression session. What was revealed, though interesting, surely came as no surprise: in one life he saw himself as a merchant riding camels in the desert. Could he have been bringing tasty tipple to his thirsty clientele? Perhaps. But something else happened that day at the Chakra Shack in Laguna Beach: John was introduced to the ancient energetic system of the chakras, and this, dear Buddha Teas followers, was a game-changer.

In early 2014, as the Buddha Teas team were in the middle of a box redesign project, John thought about creating a throat tea. But when he recalled his time at the Chakra Shack, a lightbulb moment ensued: Rather than just developing a tea for the throat, why not create an entire line dedicated to all seven chakras? Through intense in-house research, and a dedicated mission to develop the most flavorful blends, the seeds for a perfect Chakra Tea line were planted. Until …


Out and about, exploring his community, John came across a crystal-infused bath salts product that did more than just spark his interest; he knew right then and there that he wanted to try this innovative healing modality with the Chakra Teas.

“If crystals were being formulated to alter the results of soaking in a bath with salts that were infused with crystals, why not infuse the crystals in the tea in order to change the herbs?”

John’s vision of being able to drink in the energy of the crystals while focusing on a particular chakra led him to seek a professional consultant, someone with whom he could share his inspiration and acquire the expertise he lacked. His idea centered around being able to add the essence of a certain crystal to a dried herbal blend that would eventually be produced as tea bags. He wanted to find someone who would guide him to the right crystal meant for each of the chakra blends, someone who would confirm his hunch that this method would not only be possible, but powerful. Enter holistic health practitioner, Laurie Buchanan, PhD, a self-proclaimed minimalist and crystal healing expert. Sure enough, Ms. Buchanan proved just the right woman to help John fortify and complete the crystal task at hand.

What the crystal consultant offered was not simply suggesting which options corresponded to which chakra, but perhaps more important, her guidance included which crystals must definitely be avoided. For whatever reason, there are a slew of crystals she pointed out that must never be included when blending teas. This information was vital during the development process, and helped John establish the most effective mixes possible.

After choosing the optimal crystal meant to facilitate healing and development of each of the seven chakras, John needed to be able to extract the essence of the crystal, allowing the specific qualities of that particular crystal to energetically inform the tea. To this day, while blending the Chakra Tea line, each corresponding crystal is enclosed in a breathable sack and placed directly into the herbal mix, where it remains for a full 24 hours prior to being bagged for packaging and delivery.

The success of this method is undeniable. John insists, as do Chakra Tea devotees, that, “When you drink the teas, and close your eyes, you can really feel it.” It’s all about intention. As any authentic healer will tell you, positive results of any goal arrive more wholly, with more effectiveness, when intention is part of one’s process.

As the Buddha Teas Chakra Tea line has proven incredibly successful in the U.S. as well as with UK customers, John confirms that he has no plans to alter the current selection, except perhaps a minor taste tweak here and there.

“Our customers seem to gravitate toward their favorite blend. We’ve noticed repeat purchases for a particular tea.”


In other words, if it ain’t broke … Which, of course is good news for those who have found their perfect pick. It’s nice to know that unlike certain brands that continually try to one-up themselves, often leaving loyal customers befuddled when a certain item has been replaced or discontinued, Buddha Teas Chakra Teas are here to stay; all seven of the teas will remain for the long haul, no matter how long your enlightenment may take.