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Have your Tea and CBD Too

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What, really!? You mean we’re saying you can enjoy a cup of consciously sourced, perfectly balanced, organic Buddha Teas and now benefit from the positive effects of CBD* as well? Yup, that’s what we’re saying. Come spring 2018, you’ll be able to shop online, or find an exclusive collection of our CBD teas on the shelves of your favorite markets.

Though not yet available for purchase, we at Buddha Teas are madly prepping to offer our choosey clientele four of our most popular blends with an added 5 mg of our uniquely processed water-soluble CBD in each bleach-free bag. If you aren’t quite sure what we mean by water-soluble­, we’re here to share the good news: it’s as easy as oil and water don’t mix.


CBD Fun Facts we think you’ll find interesting:

CBD doesn’t make you high. Although CBD is only one of more than 60 recognized cannabis compounds that have been used medicinally for centuries, recent breeders have figured out how to isolate the CBD from its psychoactive partners. This is why we can legally offer nature’s best in an exquisite cup of tea.

*50+ CBD Benefits have been touted, even though we can’t legally tell you any of them are true. A few highly publicized positive outcomes from CBD usage include: reduction of epileptic seizures; pain relief; reduces inflammation, in such conditions as IBS, arthritis, Multiple Sclerosis; recent research is showing that CBD could destroy cancer cells, which indicates that it may be used to not only assist with side effects of treatment, but possibly one day prevent cancer cells from even growing in the first place.

Famous People Who Love CBD (The list is actually extensive, and can be found all over the internet.)

  • Queen Victoria—found relief from menstrual cramps using CBD oil.
  • Whoopi Goldberg—loves her some CBD so much, she co-founded a medical cannabis company to help women with their monthly discomfort. Times they are a changing, that’s certain!
  • Morgan Freeman—found relief after a 2008 accident with medical cannabis, and enjoys his CBD to help alleviate chronic pain.
  • Dr. Oz—in 2015 suggested replacing opioids with cannabis to treat chronic pain.
  • Sanjay Gupta—supports the use of cannabis in the treatment of seizures.
  • Francis McDormand—is an cannabis lover, who may or may not specifically enjoy CBD.

Suffice it to say, Buddha Teas is not just getting on the cannabis bandwagon for the trendy movement towards what we believe will be eventual federal legalization. The quality and bioavailability of our water-soluble CBD Teas makes this new line of teas a timely (and proper!) addition to our conscious products that offer a wide enough variety of anytime teas to bring upliftment, calm, and healing throughout every moment of every day of your busy life.


*Claims in this post are not FDA approved. Our products are not meant to treat any health conditions our consumers may be dealing with. We recommend that you do your own research. The plentiful information out there is available to everyone.