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Hosting a Holiday Tea Party: DIY Decorations

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Your desserts are done, your punch is prepared, and your party is almost ready to rock – but the crocheted angel on your table has probably seen better days. You want your setting to look bright and cheery as possible, but you don’t have the budget for high-priced decorations. What can you do?

Don’t panic, there is hope! With a little crafting know-how, you can create classy and impressive holiday decorations without spending a fortune. We’ve put together a few of our favorites for you below!

Floating Candle Centerpiece

Underwater displays have been a popular centerpiece choice for some time now, so a holiday-themed one can be both stylish and appropriate.

Holy, evergreen branches, cranberries and pinecones are just a few items you can use. Add a lit tea candle to float at the top, and you have a quick and easy dazzling display. If you happen to have a glass teapot at home, you can make something even more unique.

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Doily Snow Forest

Craft your own winter wonderland easily with paper doilies and bamboo skewers. Cut a line halfway through the doilies and fold them into a cone, held together with a spot of glue or small piece of double-sided tape. Be sure to arrange them into varying sizes for a fuller look.

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Arrange them on the bamboo skewers with the largest at the bottom and smallest on top. You can use glue to hold the doilies in place, or even glue beads onto the skewers for the doilies to rest on. Place the finished trees in a Styrofoam board to build a forest, or make little stands for each tree to move around.

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Candy Cane Décor

A packet or two of candy canes can open up a world of decorating possibilities. With a little ingenuity, these tasty treats can become wreaths, stars or can decorate vases. Pictures become twice as festive when displayed with a candy cane frame. They can even become placeholders for the dinner table. Try experimenting and see what you can come up with!

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Mason Jar Displays

This one is not only inexpensive, but a ton of fun to make. Get a medium-to-large mason jar and fill the bottom with fake snow (available at most craft stores or holiday sections). Place small ornaments or decorations of your choice inside the jar to create a small winter scene.

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Once you’ve chosen your decorations, take a battery-operated tea light and glue a small magnet to the bottom. The magnet holds the light to the underside of the lid, illuminating your display. Finally, decorate the lid with a ribbon, gift wrap, or other decoration of your choice. (Just make sure you can get the lid open to turn off the light and change the battery!)

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Glass & Cup Candle Stands

Similar to the mason jars, you can use a wine glass or a glass cup to create a fascinating centerpiece. Turn the wine glass or cup upside-down and place a decoration inside. With a glass upturned, you can place a candle on top for a two-level display that is simple and eye-catching.

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And you’re finished! You have all the makings of a fabulously festive tea party. Now all you need to do is enjoy it! We hope that your party is just one of the many cherished memories you’ll have this year. Happy holidays!

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Hosting a Holiday Tea Party: DIY Décor - Take a look at these festive decorations that are cheap and easy to make!