Oct. 29th, 2018

Renew Your Liver With Milk Thistle

Keeping your liver healthy by drinking Milk Thistle Tea daily is an inexpensive, easy way to potentially avoid damaging your liver.

Written By Dina McQueen
Sep. 29th, 2018

6 Teas to Sip Your Stress Away

For most of us, stress is an inevitable part of life, and it can feel overwhelming. But what if that ‘overwhelming’ feeling wasn’t so inevitable after all? Rather than accepting the effects of stress, you can fight back against it, all with a simple cup of tea.

Written By Dina McQueen
Aug. 22nd, 2018

The Natural Flavoring Cover-Up

According to Casey Seidenberg, co-founder of Nourish Schools, LLC, because the FDA does not regulate terminology, when food labels read “all natural,” it’s meaningless. So, when you see "Natural Flavoring," you might think it's okay, even though it's not. That’s the bad news. However, the good news is that with a little commitment to learning how

Written By Dina McQueen
Apr. 10th, 2018

Chakra Tea Line – Facilitate Awakening

Let’s just make sure you understand: Buddha Teas founder U.K. born John Boyd is no woo woo, hippy-dippy, beach bum surfer dude. Yes, he may live and work in coastal San Diego county these days, but let’s be clear: he’s still a Brit … for the most part.

Written By Dina McQueen
Aug. 17th, 2016

Our Teas are Gluten Free

One of the biggest health trends of the last decade has been the rise of the gluten-free diet. If you’re looking into adopting the gluten-free lifestyle, the right tea can be a reliable ally.

Written By Haylee Meyers
Dec. 8th, 2014

The Less-than-Natural Tea Dilemma

For years, tea drinkers have been touting their favorite beverages as a healthy, natural alternative to the variety of artificial, sugar-laden drinks consumed by the American public. However, the unfortunate truth to come to light in recent years is that not all “natural” teas are created equal. In fact, many may be as far from natural as you can get.

Written By Haylee Meyers
Sep. 29th, 2014

10 Surprising Alternative Uses for Tea

Tea is much more than a refreshing drink. From its important role in cultural ceremonies around the globe to its purported fortune-telling abilities, tea has been used by people in various ingenious and helpful ways. Here are 10 surprising alternative uses for tea and tea bags that might just make your life a little bit easier.

Written By Haylee Meyers
Jun. 3rd, 2014

Yes, He-Men Drink Tea!

Despite what you might expect, he-men, alpha men and all kinds of men do drink tea. They drink it simply because they understand the value of taste and the health benefits in the brew. In today’s post, we’ll cover why tea drinking is a lot manlier than you’d think.

Written By Haylee Meyers
Jun. 2nd, 2014

Say Hello to Summer With a Salute to Men’s ...

Summer is finally here! The local park has filled the pool. Enterprising youngsters are erecting sticky and poorly made lemonade stands. Neighborhoods across the country resound with the charm of lawnmowers, softball games and late-night hide-and-seek. Whether your summer plans are busy or calm, the warm weather and extended daylight are no doubt a welcome

Written By Haylee Meyers
Apr. 24th, 2014

Untying the Connections Between Stress &...

While no one desires a stress-filled life, many people find they are unable to eradicate or reduce stress from their work, home or inner self. With research suggesting a close link between stress and both the onset and spread of cancer of cells in the body, combating stress won’t just help you enjoy the time

Written By Haylee Meyers