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Organic Corn Silk Tea

USDA Organic Tea
Corn silk tea is a truly unique brew crafted from the silk strands of an ear of corn. With a smooth and savory flavor, this tea makes a special addition to any tea collection.

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Corn Silk Tea

Enjoy a cup of tea brewed to perfection.

Fresh water is essential for brewing a great cup of tea. Use one teabag per cup of boiling water. Cover and steep for 3 to 6 minutes.

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Corn Silk Tea Health Benefits

If you have any experience with removing the husk from an ear of corn, you're certainly familiar with the long silk strands peeking out from under the husk. Although it may surprise you, those silky tassels, which are often tossed with the rest of the husk, are actually useful in their own right. Corn is one of the most significant of the North American grains, and historically a food staple of numerous Native American tribes. Even still, few people know that these tribes did not only harvest corn to eat the kernels, but also saved the corn silk to brew as an herbal tea. Corn silk tea is subtle and smooth, with a mild taste that makes drinking it a pleasant experience. Honey or lemon makes an excellent addition to enhance the flavor.

Countless Good Qualities

Along with its enjoyable taste, corn silk also offers a number of important constituents. With each sip of corn silk tea, your body receives a natural boost of vitamin C, vitamin K, thiamin and riboflavin, as well as minerals like calcium and potassium. Corn silk tea is also a source of antioxidants, and its many active constituents include alkaloids, tannins, sterols and volatile oils.

Buy Corn Silk Tea

With so much of today's produced corn being genetically modified, Buddha Teas goes the extra mile to ensure that our corn silk tea is all certified organic and GMO-free, guaranteeing a refreshing natural tisane for you to delight in. This tea is a wonderful herbal tea option that can be enjoyed at any time of the day. Purchase a box of corn silk tea or stock up and buy in bulk to save on future purchases. Our teas are all natural and packaged in bleach free tea bags and are guaranteed to meet your satisfaction.

Why choose Buddha Teas?

Buddha Teas Logo

What sets us apart from other tea companies? When you purchase our teas, you'll know exactly what you're getting. Unlike many other companies, we pride ourselves on presenting our customers with a wide variety of pure herbal teas and tea blends that are packaged in bleach free tea bags. In addition to this, our focus lies in providing delicious, wholesome teas with no 'extra' ingredients so that you'll be getting the most out of every cup of tea. With Buddha Teas you'll find yourself pleasantly surprised by the pure quality of tea you'll be receiving.

Customer Reviews

Nice Tea

I have never been a tea person but I heard that corn silk tea helps with certain ailments. I was surprised how smooth this tea was. I add a little honey for sweetness and actually enjoy drinking the tea. Everything I tried in the past I had to force down, and therefore did not continue to drink. 2 thumbs up on this great tea!
Would you recommend this product to a friend? Definitely yes
Carl reviewed this tea on 3/17/15

wonderful tea

I highly recommend this tea to anyone. Buddha tea is the best one I have tried.
Would you recommend this product to a friend? Definitely yes
Tricia reviewed this tea on 3/17/15


This is a good quality, lovely tasting tea.
Would you recommend this product to a friend? Definitely yes
Monika reviewed this tea on 1/13/15

Corn silk tea

This tea is the best quality , it tastes so good, I will continue ordering it, and I will defintly be trying other varietys you offer, thank you so much.

Alison reviewed this tea on 11/28/14

Prostate Relief

Possibly too soon to say for sure, but I've only been taking the tea for 6 days, counting today, Saturday the 8th of Nov 2014. I've had 3 T.U.R.P.'s, starting at age 46! So far, having only been taking this tea for only a short period of time, I haven't had to use a catheter. I would love for "Buddha" teas to have available a larger quantity of teas, say 120 bags that are reasonably priced! I'm already spreading the word concerning same.
Carl reviewed this tea on 11/8/14

Medicine for bladder

this tea really helps me with my inflamed bladder
for anyone with IC I recommend this tea highly
trish reviewed this tea on 8/11/14

A New Experience

Who’d of thought you could make tea out of corn silk!!! I love trying new kinds of tea, and I saw this and just had to try it. It’s ground up into a really fine powder and looks a little like cinnamon. It has a sort of dusty taste to it. I added a little honey, and it tasted a bit like cornbread! If you want to try something different, try this one, haha :)
Chantilly lace reviewed this tea on 2/9/13

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Corn Silk Tea