Organic Matcha Green Tea

USDA Organic Tea
This green tea variety is made from tea leaves that have been powdered, which gives it a strong, appealing flavor when brewed. Matcha tea is a favorite of tea connoisseurs, and has been enjoyed for more than a thousand years.

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Matcha Green Tea

Steeping Instructions

Fresh water is essential for brewing a great cup of tea.

  • Use 1 teabag per cup of boiling water.
  • Cover and steep for 4 to 6 minutes
  • Remove tea bag and enjoy!

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Matcha Green Tea Health Benefits

When you consider the powerful flavor and energizing effects of a quality cup of matcha tea, it is hardly surprising that it has remained a popular traditional tea since the 11th century. Matcha is derived from green tea leaves, but unlike other green tea, these leaves go through a special preparation process and are ground into a fine powder. This powder provides a more concentrated tea brew, providing a strong, appealing flavor that is both refreshing and invigorating. Matcha powder is the only tea used in the traditional Japanese tea ceremonies, and is served in countries around the world, both as a delicious tea, and as an ingredient in a number of culinary dishes. It’s also commonly combined with Genmaicha to create a popular blend in Japan.

Refresh With a Daily Cup of Matcha

Whether you enjoy its invigorating effects or are drawn to its potent flavor, matcha tea can add a lot to your life. Our matcha tea is prepared exclusively using organic matcha powder and bleach-free tea bags to provide you with a truly high quality tea experience without the risk of added chemicals. We also use fully recycled materials for our tea boxes to be not only consumer friendly, but environmentally friendly as well. With our competitive prices, you can enjoy a premium quality cup of matcha without breaking your budget. Buy in bulk and combine with other favorites to earn free shipping on all US orders over $50!

Why choose Buddha Teas?

Buddha Teas Logo

What sets us apart from other tea companies? We start with a philosophy of living in harmony with nature, not using it for profit. Buddha Teas uses only fresh, pure organic or sustainably wild harvested ingredients and maintains their natural purity in every tea we sell. We have also created the "Teas for Trees" campaign, planting 5000 trees a year to offset the paper use in our tea bags. Each of our tea bags is bleach-free to eliminate the risk of chemicals, and our boxes are made from 100% recycled material. When you buy Buddha Teas, you'll enjoy the fresh, full flavor of a truly natural tea in every sip.

Learn About Our "Tea For Trees" Campaign

Trees For Us

Buddha Teas is always looking for ways we can give back to our world. Our Tea for Trees campaign is designed to restore one of our most important resources and offset the use of paper in our products. We’ve partnered with the National Forest Foundation’s “Trees for US” program to plant thousands of trees every year. Every box you purchase helps us to support this cause. Read more about it here.

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Review Title: Matcha Tea

Review by Celiaon May 8, 2017
I love drinking tea when I found buddhateas I feel I hit the jackpot
Enjoy several different flavors.

Review Title: The ultimate green tea

Review by Yovanenon February 19, 2017
This tea is really awesome. Taste great

Review Title: Awesome

Review by karenon February 9, 2017
I love this tea its great. I love how much energy i have with each cup i take

Review Title: Mucha Matcha

Review by Alyyon January 7, 2017
I have nothing but wonderful things to say about Buddha Tea's Matcha Green Tea. I used to have several migraines a week until I gave up coffee and replaced my cup of coffee with this Matcha Green Tea. Now, my migraines have significantly decreased and I feel lighter and better than I did when I drank coffee regularly. I highly recommend trying this tea. Not only is the tea great and makes you feel better, but if for some reason you are dissatisfied with the tea, Buddha Teas will allow you to return the product with no questions asked. #MuchaMatcha

Review Title: Love this tea!

Review by Shinon November 14, 2016
I've never tried matcha in a tea bag before and wasn't sure how I'd like it. Buddha Matcha Tea tastes wonderful! Instead of drinking coffee in the morning to stay alert and wake, matcha tea is a better and healthier alternative without giving me the jitters.

Review Title: Awesome Tea!

Review by Jenniferon October 7, 2016
Love this tea the aroma is to die for even the taste. It's not your typical green tea this is Matcha Green Tea so the flavor is a bit different.

I did notice you definitely do need to cover and steep and I don't mean just tossing the tea bag in some hot water and let it soak in for a few minutes.

I find that moving the tea bag in an up and down motion, side to side kind of working it in the water and letting it steep in hot water helps bring more of the flavor out.


Review Title: Green tea without the headache

Review by Darrenon September 6, 2016
Unlike other green teas that are also pre packaged from the local store, this tea is competitively priced and does not leave a film on the surface of the tea which I often run into. After expelling out the extra tea by pressing the bag with a spoon, the tea is strong but has a sweet flavor. No headaches from the tea!

Review Title: Gotcha Matcha

Review by SandyDuneson July 27, 2016
Deliciously pleasing tea. I have a cup in the afternoon when I need a little lift without the jitters of coffee. I buy from Buddha Teas because they are committed to organic and sustainability, which includes the actual bag for the tea and the box. Their service is exceptional.

Review Title: The best tea EVER

Review by IGNACIOon July 20, 2016
This is the best tea ever !!!

Review Title: My favorite free tea!

Review by Jeffreyon June 27, 2016
I've tried many, many green teas over the years and this one is the best! The tea bags are unbleached, and the flavor unmatched. This tea and the company are all about integrity and purity. The result is great taste. I'm looking forward to sampling some of their other teas!

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Matcha Green Tea

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