Sep. 8th, 2018

Our Partnership with the National Forest Foun...

“Forests are the lungs of our land, purifying the air and giving fresh strength to our people.” The 32nd president of the United States, Franklin Delano Rosevelt, is known to have expressed his love of forests, as illustrated in the above quote. If this nature-respecting statesman were alive today, how would he view what’s happening

Written By Dina McQueen
Aug. 10th, 2016

New Product: Matcha NOW™

This month, we are officially launching a product over a year in the making – our very first ready-to-drink tea, Matcha NOW! In today’s post, we’ll give you an overview of what makes Matcha NOW special, the story behind it, and how YOU can get your hands on this delicious drink for yourself!

Written By Haylee Meyers
Jul. 12th, 2016

Buddha Teas Blend Breakdown: Zen Cleanse

Today we’re taking a look at the perfect tea for a fresh summer detox: Zen Cleanse. With eight herbal ingredients at your disposal, the Zen Cleanse blend is a powerful go-to detoxifier. We’ll take you through each blend and the ingredients that make them so beneficial.

Written By Haylee Meyers
Feb. 5th, 2015

Six Teas to Fall in Love With

Choosing the perfect Valentine’s gift can be a deeply personal endeavor, but if you’re looking for a way to say “I love you” that is both unique and timeless, why not give tea a try? We’ve selected a sampling of our best just for you, and we’re certain that one of these classy teas is sure to inspire you.

Written By Haylee Meyers
Aug. 28th, 2014

10 Must-Have Tea Accessories

If you love the experience of making tea as much as you love to drink it, then consider stepping into the ever-expanding world of tea accessories. Here are 10 must-have accessories that every devout tea drinker should consider owning.

Written By Haylee Meyers
Jul. 16th, 2014

Infographic: Tea Culture In America

Come with us on a journey as we explore the impact tea has had on America and its culture.

Written By Haylee Meyers