May. 26th, 2015

Personali-Teas: The Sweet Tooth

We all have that friend who lacks the ability to resist the allure of a good dessert – the Sweet Tooth! In the hope of satisfying their sugar cravings in a healthier way, we’ve compiled a list of teas sure to please, without resulting in a mouth full of dental nightmares.

Written By Joe Clark
Apr. 9th, 2015

PersonaliTeas: The Introvert

PersonaliTeas is back! Last time, we suggested teas that would cater to the extrovert, so today we will discuss the other end of the spectrum, the introvert. Often misunderstood by those around them, the introvert does not have an aversion to people or social situations, but simply responds to them in a different way.

Written By Joe Clark
Mar. 13th, 2015

PersonaliTeas: The Extrovert

The tea you love is a reflection of your personality – that’s the idea behind our PersonaliTeas series. In our first post, we’re focusing on the teas that best suit our most outgoing personalities – the extrovert!

Written By Haylee Meyers