Organic Hibiscus Tea

USDA Organic Tea
Hibiscus Tea is a brilliant magenta toned tea with a refreshingly tart and tangy flavor. Its benefits can be enjoyed both as a hot tea, or a refreshing iced beverage.

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Hibiscus Tea

Steeping Instructions

Fresh water is essential for brewing a proper cup of tea.

  • Use 1 teabag per cup of boiling water.
  • Cover and steep for 2 to 5 minutes
  • Remove tea bag and enjoy!

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In the Know

You likely recognize Hibiscus Tea by its astonishingly deep magenta color. You probably also have some idea that the tart flavor of this tea indicates it’s loaded with vitamin C and bioflavonoids. What you may not be aware of, though, is that this royal-toned tea also imparts a plethora of other benefits, as well as providing the makings for a superb iced tea.

Native to warm, tropical, and subtropical climates, the genus of flowering plants considered hibiscus includes hundreds of varieties in the mallow family. With their large, vibrantly colored petals, hibiscus flowers have become an iconic symbol for a tropical paradise. Hibiscus plants vary in size from little shrubs to small trees. Likewise, their flowers have their own individuality, and come in a broad range of colors and sizes, with red being one of the most popular. Hibiscus blossoms are the national flower of South Korea, Malaysia and Haiti. They also have spiritual significance, and play an important part in Hindu ceremonies. Though many may find it surprising, in many parts of the world these beautiful flowers are edible, and are served dried, or coated in sugar.

Health Benefits of Hibiscus Tea

Colorful anthocyanins, the most recognizable member of the bioflavonoid phytochemicals, give Hibiscus Tea its vibrant color. Anthocyanin pigments are famous for their free radical-scavenging capabilities, which support the claim that drinking Hibiscus Tea on a regular basis offers the consumer protection against a host of potential conditions.

What Does Hibiscus Tea Taste Like?

The first thing you’ll notice about Buddha Teas Hibiscus Tea is its intense color, reminding one of garnets, or perhaps a glass of Côte-du-Rhône wine. This tea, however, is well known as iced tea, and regularly served throughout warm summer months. Often served sweetened, as the tartness lends itself to such additions, it can also be enjoyed naked.

How to Make Hibiscus Tea

A good boil is recommended, and depending on how intense you like your hibiscus either 1-3 minutes for a mild flavor, or about 4-5 minutes if your taste buds crave a bit of tart. You’ll be encouraged to include your favorite sweetener, if sweet’s your thing. Or try experimenting with other flavors; we love adding our spicy and ever-versatile Ginger Root Tea, but Chamomile Flower Tea, and Hyssop Tea, are fantastic options as well. If you are keen on the flavor of mint, we like to enjoy our Hibiscus Tea iced or hot with a blend of Spearmint Tea .

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Hibiscus Tea is a Buddha Teas favorite, and you may soon find it to be a favorite of yours as well. Buy a single box and enter a coupon code to save, or buy in bulk to save even more. You can mix and match this tea with some of your other favorites for a bit of variety. As always, orders of $50 or more are eligible for FREE shipping.

Why choose Buddha Teas?

Buddha Teas Logo

What sets us apart from other tea companies? We start with a philosophy of living in harmony with nature, not using it for profit. Buddha Teas uses only fresh, pure organic or sustainably wild harvested ingredients and maintains their natural purity in every tea we sell. We have also created the "Teas for Trees" campaign, planting 5000 trees a year to offset the paper use in our tea bags. Each of our tea bags is bleach-free to eliminate the risk of chemicals, and our boxes are made from 100% recycled material. When you buy Buddha Teas, you'll enjoy the fresh, full flavor of a truly natural tea in every sip.

Learn About Our "Tea For Trees" Campaign

Trees For Us

Buddha Teas is always looking for ways we can give back to our world. Our Tea for Trees campaign is designed to restore one of our most important resources and offset the use of paper in our products. We’ve partnered with the National Forest Foundation’s “Trees for US” program to plant thousands of trees every year. Every box you purchase helps us to support this cause. Read more about it here.

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Review Title: *

Review by christopher on January 18, 2019
Extremely tangy, bitter and robust. I drink it strictly for health reasons so I don't add any thing to alter the flavor, it will most definitely get you up.

Review Title: Amazing!

Review by Frankieon December 17, 2018
Wonderful Hibiscus Tea!

Review Title: Great Tea

Review by Mikeon June 7, 2018
Great Tea, fast service. What's not to love?

Review Title: Absolutely delicious

Review by Marieon May 6, 2018
This tea is just fantastic. Light and refreshing and goes well with lemon. Just started drinking it so not sure if the weight loss claims are true or not, but it is delicious. Buddha teas are great quality and the packaging is great

Review Title: Didn't believe the hype

Review by Debraon April 30, 2018
I had been had been hearing hibiscus tea lowers pressure. I didn't believe the hype. I started drinking this tea because I was weaning off sweetened iced tea. I like the hibiscus tea because it doesn't need an added sweetener. This was the only change I made in my daily routine. On my last visit to the Doctor, she lowered my pressure med dosage. So, I guess this tea really does have lowering properties.

Review Title: Love it.

Review by Dianeon April 24, 2018
This is one of my favorites. Just love everything about it. Taste so good. It has this sweet taste to it. Thanks Buddha Teas.

Review Title: LOVE

Review by pennyon March 21, 2018
I drink this everyday. I feel it helps with my B/P.

Review Title: Fresh and relaxing

Review by J-teaon February 21, 2018
I bought this tea after having a commercial blend of hibiscus and lemonade at a local coffee shop. It was good, but artificial tasting. I was happy to find this brand of tea. I love that what is on the label is actually IN the bag! No fillers. I was able to make my own blend at home and it was even better!

Review Title: Love this tea!

Review by kimon January 23, 2018
I enjoy the flavor, it has a beautiful color and just all around good for you. Thank you for this wonderful tea!

Review Title: Love this

Review by Janetteon January 11, 2018
Love love love hibiscus tea!

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Hibiscus Tea

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