Our Story

The Inspiration

Born in the U.K., Buddha Teas founder, John Boyd, grew up immersed in the culture of tea. After moving to the United States in 2006, he realized that his unadulterated tea choices were limited. With a desire to create an expanded selection for tea lovers seeking purity like himself, John became inspired to develop a tea company to fill the gap. He approached his longtime business partner, Nicholas Marier, with an idea to launch an unadulterated, healthy tea company. They teamed up, gathered together an exceptional team, and Buddha Teas was born.

John’s passion for utilizing herbs as healing agents also contributed to his goal to create a complete tea company, one that would offer consumers high quality, sustainably sourced, single-ingredient herbal teas alongside white, green, and black varieties.

The Model

Buddha Teas is all about clean, all about truth. That’s why our teas are crafted without artificial or natural flavorings. Though the addition of flavorings often intensifies taste, and that’s why some other tea companies include them in their formulas, what you may not know is that these “natural flavors” are not natural at all.

What do we mean by this? The term "natural flavorings" misleads the consumer because though they originate from animal and plant substances, they end up in the lab, where they are manipulated with chemicals to create a specific flavor intended to enhance a product’s unadulterated state. And, the FDA approves of this practice.

John Boyd, CEO Buddha Teas

At Buddha Teas, we want herbs to be herbs, nothing more, nothing less. At times this means that some of our teas finish as mild. Why is this? Because certain herbs, when extracted in hot water, are naturally mild in flavor. For those who may be used to stronger flavor sensations, they may assume that the tea’s health benefits are diminished, but this isn’t the case. As touched upon above, we don’t mask this mild, subtle taste profile with the addition of chemically adulterated flavorings; we never taint the purity of our teas. As a result, at times your taste buds may take a moment to adjust. Once you’ve adjusted to a more natural tea, however, you’ll likely find other teas reflect a perfume-like essence. The bottom line is that we can promise you this: there’s nothing missing in any of our teas, except, perhaps the stuff you don’t want in there anyway.

Why the Name Buddha Teas?

During a meditation in the summer of 2008, John realized he needed to authentically convey his intentions; he needed a way to provide consumers with a simple message that summed up what this tea company would be about. Intending to reflect a philosophy that espouses living life in harmony with the world, the name Buddha Teas came into being. Simplicity, generosity, and compassion, a company devoted to offering teas that support consumer and planetary health and healing.

By taking from the earth no more than what we need, and giving back to it through recycling and compostable ingredients, Buddha Teas strives to honor the earth and its many blessings. Since our launch in 2009, we’ve maintained our commitment to providing quality, sustainable products that intend to serve the greatest good.

Into the Future

With innovative technology allowing for maximum freshness, 2018 saw Buddha Teas step into the matcha craze with its successful launch of Matcha NOW™. Early 2019, Buddha Teas Golden Milk launched, and is receiving powerful customer feedback. Developed from an Ayurvedic recipe that has been respected and enjoyed for thousands of years, our Golden Milk powder provides the satisfying, and delicious ingredients to prepare a comforting beverage meant to support the body and mind.

That's Not All

In alignment with our passion to explore and innovate, we continually seek new ways to bring pleasing, surprising tea products to our discerning customers. Stay tuned: we’ve only just begun!


John Boyd, CEO Buddha Teas - Signature

CEO and Founder - Buddha Teas