Organic Marshmallow Tea

USDA Organic Tea
The marshmallow plant, also known as the marsh mallow, is a species of flowering herb that originated in Africa and now grows in damp places around the world.

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Marshmallow Tea

Brewing Suggestions

For a proper cup of tea ...

  • Recommended temperature: 205°
  • Cover and steep to taste.
  • Remove tea bag and enjoy!

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In the Know

The herb (not the pillowy sweet treat!) marshmallow is the go-to ingredient when dealing with many gastrointestinal and respiratory issues. Its magical mucilage property gives it a glue-like quality that has lent this often overlooked herb the reputation as a necessary inclusion in the cupboards of herbal tea aficionados around the globe. And though the eventual candy marshmallow began its evolutionary journey as long ago as 2000 B.C., today, the sticky sweet treat is a far cry from the beneficial form of Buddha Teas Marshmallow Tea.

What Exactly is Marshmallow?

Althaea officinalis … the official name of the mallow plant, is a perennial species native to Europe, Western Asia, and North Africa. The name itself evolved from the marshy habitat of the mallow plant, thus marsh-mallow. Marshmallow boasts some unique qualities, which include its nature to create a viscous substance that overlays membranes. Marshmallow also boasts flavonoids, making this an herbal tea you’ll likely want to keep on hand.

What Does Buddha Teas Marshmallow Tea Taste Like?

Don’t be fooled by the somewhat pungent scent of this tea; its flavor is root-like, earthy, and deeply soothing. While drinking your cup of Buddha Teas Marshmallow Tea you might be reminded of a cool afternoon, strolling alongside a lush and fertile marsh, as egrets and ducks float and dip into the refreshing water. You know you’re giving your body a healing moment as the warm, golden liquid helps quiet your mind.

How to Brew Marshmallow Tea

Make sure the water is hot enough to extract the full flavor and benefits; a good boil is recommended. Additionally, make sure to let your Buddha Teas Marshmallow Tea steep a good long time, up to 10 minutes, in order to achieve the tastiest cup. The color should resemble hay or straw, tinted slightly gold.

Why choose Buddha Teas?

Buddha Teas Logo

What sets us apart from other tea companies? We start with a philosophy of living in harmony with nature, not using it for profit. Buddha Teas uses only fresh, pure organic or sustainably wild harvested ingredients and maintains their natural purity in every tea we sell. We have also created the "Teas for Trees" campaign, planting 5000 trees a year to offset the paper use in our tea bags. Each of our tea bags is bleach-free to eliminate the risk of chemicals, and our boxes are made from 100% recycled material. When you buy Buddha Teas, you'll enjoy the fresh, full flavor of a truly natural tea in every sip.

Learn About Our "Tea For Trees" Campaign

Trees For Us

Our “Tea for Trees” campaign creates a sustainable model that restores one of our most precious resources while offsetting the paper used in our products. We’ve partnered with The National Forest Foundation’s Trees for Us, a program that annually plants millions of trees throughout our national forests.

By giving back whenever possible, Buddha Teas strives to honor the earth and its many blessings. Help us plant trees while enjoying an unadulterated tea that’s healthy for you, and our planet. Read more about it here.

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Review Title: Love Marshmallow Leaf Tea

Review by Gailon August 21, 2019
I purchased this tea for urinary tract - with also watching my diet. I have tried other Buddha Teas and love your quality.

Thank you!

Review Title: Very good tea

Review by Iraon May 31, 2019
I am on my second cup since receiving my order. I love this tea. Great flavor! I enjoy my teas in the evening and this tea is great for that. I sleep better and some throat issues have dissipated or cleared up. Buddha Teas is the only place I purchase teas from. Quality, price, and service are important, that is why this company gets my business.

Review Title: Good Quality Product

Review by Sherryon March 28, 2019
I have been drinking this tea for the last six month, enjoy the taste, the heath benefit, good customer service, and fast shipping.

Review Title: Excellent Tea

Review by Katharineon January 21, 2019
I have interstitial cystitis, and started drinking this marshmallow tea for the health benefits. The taste has really grown on me and it’s now my favorite tea. It’s good as a hot tea, and also as an iced tea.

Normally I do not add sugar to marshmallow tea when drinking it hot, as I like the flavor as it is. I do sometimes add a bit of sugar to it when drinking it iced.

I’m a big fan of this tea and will continue to buy it.

Review Title: Good Stuff

Review by Elizabethon December 13, 2018
I drink this tea regularly at my doctor's recommendation for digestive issues. It definitely helps. Tastes good. Appealing packaging. Also, super quick shipping each time I place an order.

Review Title: Digestive lifesaver

Review by Susanon December 5, 2018
Marshmallow tea is about the only thing that helps my digestion (in many ways). I use a bulk product, but was pleased to find the tea bags as they are more convenient for traveling. These taste pleasant and work quite well. I have purchased them several times, for myself and my mom who loves them. I only buy organic teas and the Buddha brand indicates a quality product. The service from the company, when I ordered directly, was very efficient.

Review Title: Marshmallow Tea

Review by Samanthaon December 4, 2018
This was the first time purchasing this tea. Not much of a taste, but hopefully helps for my symptoms.

Review Title: Quality Product

Review by Marnion October 23, 2018
I ordered this tea for the health benefits, but also enjoy its very mild flavor.

Review Title: Great for Urinary Issues

Review by Mirandaon August 20, 2018
I recently realized that I suffer from a painful chronic urinary condition.

When I was recently looking for pain relief, I read in a forum that Marshmallow Tea is great at helping pain. So I tried it. It did work well, and it tasted good too! It tastes nothing like marshmallow though so don't expect that.

I love the packaging as well! That really does show how much they care about the small details.

Review Title: Elizabeth

Review by Blethon May 18, 2018
Very soothing. Flavor very good, a bit weak however. Please do not pack with styrofoam peanuts.

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Marshmallow Tea

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