Organic Zen Cleanse

USDA Organic Tea
Our beautiful Zen Cleanse Blend features the tangy taste of hibiscus and cranberry, encouraging a delightful tea cleansing experience.

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Zen Cleanse

Steeping Instructions

Fresh water is essential for brewing a proper cup of tea.

  • Use 1 teabag per cup of boiling water.
  • Cover and steep for 3 to 5 minutes
  • Remove tea bag and enjoy!

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In the Know

The whole point of sitting zazen, as this particular Buddhist meditation practice is termed, is to cultivate a life lived in the present moment without attaching to a single thought or story. If one is suffering from any number of mild to chronic ailments, it’s awfully difficult to sit still. Here’s where Buddha Teas Zen Cleanse Blend enters. If a goal of yours happens to center around attaining enough good health to be able to do what you want to do each and every day of your life, we suggest exploring the outstanding Buddha Teas selection, Zen Cleanse Blend.

What Exactly is Zen Cleanse Blend?

Our carefully researched and compiled organic herbs combine to create an unbeatable blend for those interested in finding new and delicious ways to clear the body of unwanted toxins. For, as your cleanse, you make way for better health, and, thus, cultivate a more focused ability to pursue your dreams.

Supporting ingredients:

  • Ginger Root, An ancient plant, with a plethora of benefits, ginger may be best known to effectively deal with gastrointestinal issues. Less known, however, is its ability to act as an antispasmodic, anti-inflammatory, and a support for the respiratory system..
  • Dandelion Rootr, As a medicinal plant, dandelion has been used for thousands of years, and history shows its use in treating a variety of conditions. Loaded with vitamins and minerals, especially A, C, and K, its known to lower cholesterol, destroy cancer cells, support liver health, and act as an antimicrobial.
  • Spearmint, Balances hormones; increases circulation; aids digestion; alleviates congestion and throat irritation—these are just a few of the many benefits spearmint offers.
  • Hibiscus Flower, Wow, the benefits of this plant seems endless: antioxidant; anti-spasmodic; antiviral; antibacterial; immune-boosting; lowers cholesterol; anti-cancer properties; vitamin C-rich; and a diuretic to help flush the system.
  • Cranberry, Vitamin C-rich, great for the immune system; loaded with phytochemicals; anti-cancer elements; supports those with type 2 diabetes; may help diminish cardiovascular disease.
  • Milk Thistle, Anti-inflammatory; antioxidant; helps with type 2 diabetes; helpful when dealing with menopausal issues.
  • Burdock Root, Anti-inflammatory; antioxidant; antibacterial; supports healthy skin; promotes a healthy circulatory system; cleanses the blood; an effective digestive aid.
  • Senna Leaf, Supports healthy elimination; cleanses and detoxifies; encourages a working gastrointestinal tract.

Health Benefits of Zen Cleanse Blend

The thoughtfully selected ingredients in our Zen Cleanse Blend are aimed at assisting the body with detoxifying, while providing a balanced taste sensation that encourages regular drinking while on your mission to heal.

What Does Zen Cleanse Blend Taste Like?

Delicious! That’s what we think you’ll say after you brew your first cup of this remarkably beneficial tea. Not only does the gorgeous crimson draw you in, but with the dominating tanginess of hibiscus and cranberry, you'll feel further enticed. A smooth, pleasant earthiness is provided by the combination of burdock root, dandelion root, milk thistle, and senna. Spearmint and ginger also create a pleasant accent, one with its coolness, and the other with an invigorating kick. Together, these seemingly uncomplimentary flavors offer an astonishingly delightful blend that is both inviting and stimulating.

How to Make Zen Cleanse Blend

Heat water to 205° to 210°. Let steep 4-8 minutes, realizing this beautiful tea runs on the tangy to tart side. Add a touch of honey, if you like a sweeter tea. Enjoy hot or cold, and drink regularly to keep all the systems of your body running smoothly.

Try Zen Cleanse Today

Buddha Teas is proud to offer an herbal tea blend made with only the very best of nature. Our tea is made using premium quality organic teas prepared in bleach-free tea bags. This removes the risk of any unwanted chemicals, so that you can be sure all unhealthy toxins are removed from your body without more coming in. With our commitment to quality teas at affordable prices, combined with excellent service, you’ll be guaranteed a great experience with Buddha Teas.

Why choose Buddha Teas?

Buddha Teas Logo

What sets us apart from other tea companies? We start with a philosophy of living in harmony with nature, not using it for profit. Buddha Teas uses only fresh, pure organic or sustainably wild harvested ingredients and maintains their natural purity in every tea we sell. We have also created the "Teas for Trees" campaign, planting 5000 trees a year to offset the paper use in our tea bags. Each of our tea bags is bleach-free to eliminate the risk of chemicals, and our boxes are made from 100% recycled material. When you buy Buddha Teas, you'll enjoy the fresh, full flavor of a truly natural tea in every sip.

Learn About Our "Tea For Trees" Campaign

Trees For Us

Buddha Teas is always looking for ways we can give back to our world. Our Tea for Trees campaign is designed to restore one of our most important resources and offset the use of paper in our products. We’ve partnered with the National Forest Foundation’s “Trees for US” program to plant thousands of trees every year. Every box you purchase helps us to support this cause. Read more about it here.

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Review Title: WORKS - and tastes good!

Review by Teaspoonon September 5, 2018
I've always been a black tea drinker, but due to some health issues, I'm having to stay away from it. I bought my first box of Zen Cleanse on a whim because it was on sale at the grocery store. I was surprised it tasted so good. I plowed through that box, ordered another, and kept reordering. It took me awhile to realize that the sinus drainage I started experiencing (sounds gross, but my nose was staying crusty on the inside & that never happens) was a result of drinking this tea. I have continued to drink it and no longer have the sinus drainage (for now) - but I'm positive this tea has been helping my body get rid of some things that shouldn't be in it. BIG thumbs-up! Thank you for your quality teas!

Review Title: Love this tea.

Review by Jacqueon May 8, 2018
Great flavor, relaxing and perfect cleansing tea without the harsh detox effects.

Review Title: A firm favourite

Review by Karenon September 23, 2017
Really great flavours! Have several other Buddha teas, love them all, - they truly are superb tisanes, each and of very one of them - and this one is my current favourite. Light and pleasant and very, very palatable. It's the one I buy the most, always have a box in stock. Please don't ever discontinue it!

Review Title: VERY GOOD

Review by ELAINEon August 21, 2017
I really enjoyed the Zen cleanse tea. The taste is mild and I like the idea of cleaning out my system as we are exposed to numerous chemicals on a daily basis which can overtax the body and lead to disease.

Review Title: TLC with tea

Review by natalieon July 29, 2017
Sometimes you are just having an off day and need that little bit of TLC, my Buddha teas are my go to. Buddha teas are high quality, the taste is perfect.

Review Title: Best quality

Review by Parwinder on July 5, 2017
I like it all tea from budda tea

Review Title: Best Tea Ever

Review by Amyon June 16, 2017
I love all of the Buddha Teas. They have incredible quality, amazingly fast shipping, and just good branding all around. I HIGHLY recommend ANY of their teas!

Review Title: Zen Cleanse Blend

Review by Tammyon May 18, 2017
Very Good Taste and Great customer service.

Review Title: Zen cleanse

Review by Minaon February 3, 2017
I am loving this tea! I love the taste and enjoy it without any type of sweeteners. I will definitely keep buying this product.

Review Title: Zen Cleanse

Review by Jonon January 23, 2017
I like to drink this every night before bed. Helps me relax and feel like I'm moving things out from the inside.

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Zen Cleanse

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